What are the benefits of iron trimming

Column:Industry News Time:2018-06-09
Iron trimming head is a very high-quality spare parts. In the continuous development of society, agriculture is also constantly developing and progressing.

Iron  trimming head is a very high-quality spare parts. In the continuous  development of society, agriculture is also constantly developing and  progressing. The use of iron-grasted grass can guarantee the normal use  of lawn mowers. There will be a lot of benefits, and there will be a lot of benefits for the continuous progress of the society. This time, we will briefly introduce the simple situation of iron grass.
The  lawn mower is a common garden tool. The main principle is to use a  motor or an engine to drive the grass to rotate at high speed. The  flexible cutting line is wound on a bobbin, and the bobbin is  accommodated in a weeding head. The end of the flexible cutting line  protrudes through the hole in the trimmer shell, and the flexible  cutting line also follows when the straw is rotated at a high speed. Rotate at high speed to achieve cutting action.
When  the flexible cutting line out of the straw head shell breaks or is  worn, a new cutting line must be released from the spool. Now there are  manual release line, tapping release line, and automatic line release. To  achieve a straw line, but when the flexible cutting line on the spool  is released, how to replenish the cutting line on the spool becomes an  urgent problem to be solved. The  assembly structure in the shell is disassembled, then the bobbin is  taken out, and the manual winding is performed. This method has at least  the following problems: Firstly, disassembling the casing of the head  and manual winding require more time and the efficiency is lower. In  addition, during the manual winding process, since most of the cutting  heads use two lengths of cutting lines extending from opposite holes of  the housing, it is easy to cross the two lines during the winding  process. Or  knots in other ways, once the two strands are crossed or knotted, it  will affect the correct release of the follow-up cutting line, which  will bring great trouble to the user's work, and of course, a great  waste The user's time has greatly affected its work efficiency.
Iron  trimming is a very practical part of machinery and equipment. The  benefits of reasonable use will be very high, and the overall benefits  will be very high. We can choose to use iron for straw when we are processing agricultural products. Yutai plastic hardware factory factory direct sales grass head, nylon grass head, iron grass head. Interested consumers are welcome to inquire.

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